The Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior


        The unique designated number is assigned to each citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a foreign citizen in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Only one unique designated number can be assigned to only one person.

  • A competent authority assigns the unique designated number to a person based on the place of residence, and to a newborn child based on place of birth, that is, based on registration in the register of births.
  • To a child born abroad that is a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the unique designated number is assigned based on child's parents' last place of residence in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The request can be submitted to diplomatic and consular missions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • To a person who acquires the citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina as dual citizenship, the unique designated number shall be assigned in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well.
        The unique designated number consists of 13 digits; the first six digits present the date of birth, the following six digits are a combination of numbers representing sex and registration area of the child, and the thirteenth digit is a control number.
        A person or parent who does not submit a request for assigning the unigue designated number is committing a violation for which a fine is prescribed in the range from 30 BAM to 300 BAM.