The Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior


Head of the Training Centre

Mr Vedran Simić was born on 8 November 1981 in the town of Travnik, BIH. He finished primary school and the Secondary School of Internal Affairs in Banja Luka, and in 2000, he was employed with the Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior. Upon completing his studies at the Faculty for Security and Protection, he became an LL.B. of Security and Criminal Justice.
Over the years of police service, he performed tasks at the following positions: a police officer at Potkozarje PS, police officer specialized for countering terrorism, leader of the group for countering terrorism, ‘A’ team commander at Special Police Unit, platoon commander at the Unit for primary and specialized training – Police Academy, ‘C’ team commander, inspector – coordinator of police negotiators at Special Police Unit, assistant commander for operational and teaching affairs at Special Police Unit, and deputy commander at Special Anti-Terrorist Unit.
In December 2020 he was appointed head of the Training Center. He is married and a father of three children.




Activities of the Training Centre are the following:
- to organize and implement police training in the field of professional education and training of police officers,
- to provide support to the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit and Administration for Police Training in the realization of training,
- to draft bylaws and acts related to the competence and activities of the Training Centre,
- to coordinate, organize, and direct the work of Units, teams, and departments of the Training Centre,
- to cooperate in creating the Program for Training Police Officers,
- to provide professional assistance,
- to perform instructive guidance with the aim of better implementation of the Program,
- to propose measures for improving professional training,
- to initiate and provide proposals for creating curricula,
- to issue certificates on the level of professional education when professional training is finished, and
- to keep the necessary records.

Organizational chart