The Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior

Unit for Professional Training

Unit for professional training provides specialist training and professional development for the needs of police officers and other employees within the Ministry of the Interior. It plans and organises skill activities and activities of acquiring knowledge that require successful performance of a specific task or activity, directs the acquisition of specific knowledge, skills and techniques required for a specific job and its successful performance. The unit controls the manner and quality of regular and other types of professional training, inspects the knowledge and professional skills of police officers in accordance with the Rulebook on Professional Training of Police Officers. It organises and controls the work of internal service bodies within the Administration, provides the implementation of prescribed internal order and security. In addition, it submits reports on the activities within the scope of the Unit and keeps the necessary records. Furthermore, it cooperates with organisational units of the Ministry and with other bodies of the Republic of Srpska, and provides reports on its work to the head of the Administration. The unit issues appropriate public documents upon completion of the training, i.e. course, keeps prescribed records from educational activities.

Department for specialist training plans, organises and implements the process of acquiring knowledge and skills through specialist trainings (courses, seminars and similar forms of training). These specialist trainings include the training of police officers and other employees for the successful performance of existing assignments, responsible and more complex tasks of the existing assignments, high-level assignments, as well as assignments and tasks in future. It determines the levels of educational needs for police officers, which are characterised by certain programs and methods for the education of employees, as well as the types of educational needs of employees, including basic knowledge and skills, professional skills, interpersonal skills and strategic skills. Furthermore, it analyses the organisation, work and employees (and their individual potential), sets the goals of specialist training, determines types of training, selects employee-training methods, and controls the implementation of specialist training within the Ministry. In addition, it monitors of the development of employees, which is characterised by the acquisition of new knowledge, abilities and skills necessary for undertaking new, more responsible and complex assignments and positions.

Department for professional development organises, implements and coordinates with other training participants all forms of professional development for the needs of the Ministry as an integral part of the system of continuous training of employees. It organises, implements and coordinates training that is performed for the needs of other bodies of the Republic of Srpska, legal and natural persons. In addition, it proposes measures for the improvement of professional training, provides initiatives and proposals for the development of curricula and programs of professional training, monitors and controls the implementation of the curriculum and programs of regular training from organisational units within the Ministry. Furthermore, it provides professional assistance in the implementation of field training, inspects and evaluates the professional competence of police officers in accordance with the annual inspection plan, conducts professional qualification inspection of members of security agencies and organises, implements and coordinates practical teaching and professional practice of cadets of the basic police training of the Police Academy.