The Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior


 What are the requirements to be met in order to obtain permission to perform detective activities?
      The permission for performing detective activities may be issued to the person who:
a) is the citizen of the Republic of Srpska or Bosnia and Herzegovina and has permanent residence in the Republic of Srpska
b) is more than 25 years old
c) has university or college degree (has completed the first cycle of technical profession studies, thus acquiring 240 ECTS points, or 180 ECTS points),
d) has completed internship working with a private detective for 12 months,
e) proves that with their previous behaviour, lifestyle or works, they will conscientiously and responsibly perform detective activities,
f) has general health ability and special psychological and physical ability, which is proved by providing a certificate issued by the authorized health institution, and
g) has passed professional exam for private detective, which was taken before the exam board of the Ministry

 Where can the request for issuing the permission be submitted?
        The request for issuing the permission shall be submitted at the Public Security Center according to the place of residence of the person who submitted the request.
        If the PSC confirms that the requirements are met, the person who submitted the request shall be informed that they may participate in the training, after which the professional exam for performing detective activities can be taken.
        The certificate of passed professional exam for performing activities related to technical security shall be submitted to PSC by the person who is submitting the request, where decision shall be made in accordance with the attached and defined proofs, or the authorization for performing detective activities shall be issued.

 Which persons are exempted from taking professional exam and being an intern?
         A person who has more than 3 years of experience performing police tasks at the Ministry, military and security activities at the Ministry of Defense, or Military Police, other activities related to security, intelligence and investigation tasks or implementing crime and minor offense sanctions, shall not take professional exam and is exempted from internship.

For which persons the permission shall not be issued?
        The permission shall not be issued to the person convicted for committing criminal offence that is prosecuted ex officio, criminal offence for gain or criminal offence committed out of dishonesty or that makes them morally ineligible for performing tasks of providing physical protection, or to the person who was convicted for committing minor offences with characteristics of violence or other minor offences that make the person ineligible for performing tasks of protecting persons and assets.
        The permission shall not be issued to the person who, with their previous behaviour, showed that they are unreliable to perform such tasks, and especially those persons who often excessively consume alcohol, show passion for gambling or extravagance, have propensity for domestic violence or other characteristics that are opposite to the morals of the environment they live in.
        Additionally, the person against whom the investigation has been initiated, or against whom there are criminal proceedings in progress for committing any of the abovementioned criminal offenses or minor offenses, shall not be issued the permission until the order is given that the investigation is stopped or that the accused is acquitted of charges, or until the decision is adopted dismissing the request for initiating the minor offense proceedings or stopping minor offence proceedings.

How to establish detective office?
        Two or more private detectives may establish a detective office. Detective office is established as a legal person.
        Members of this legal person may not be legal or natural persons who do not have permissions to perform detective activities.
        Detective office may start performing activities after the registration at the competent body, and based on the permission issued by a public security center which confirms that the regulated requirements have been met.
        The request for issuing the permission so that detective office may start working shall be submitted to the PSC in accordance with the HQ of the person that submitted the request.
        The person who submits the request shall also attach the authorization to perform detective activities, proofs on meeting the requirements regarding business premises which have to be in accordance with space and technical conditions related to fire protection, thefts and other accidents and abuses, and the proof of being registered at the competent body.