The Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior


Head of the Administration

Sne×ana RadivojeviŠ was born on 4 July 1980 in Bijeljina, BIH, where she finished primary school and Grammar School. She finished Higher School of Internal Affairs in 2005 in Banjaluka, and in 2008, she finalised her undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Security and Protection in Banjaluka.
Ms RadivojeviŠ was employed with the Ministry of the Interior in 2005 as an intern at the Department for protecting persons and facilities, Uniformed Police Administration. She performed tasks on the following positions: crime police inspector at the Division for preventing crimes against life and limb and sexual offences, Department for general crime prevention, Crime Police Sector at Banja Luka Public Security Center; crime police inspector at the Division for financial investigations and money laundering, Crime Police Administration, and then she was deployed to perform tasks of deputy head of Crime Police Administration.
Ms RadivojeviŠ was appointed head of Crime Police Administration on 22 March 2023.


+387 51 334-374
+387 51 334-381
Bulevar Desanke MaksimoviŠ Street 4, 78000 Banja Luka


Duties of Crime Police Administration are as follows:

  • To process the most complex criminal offences.
  • To control, supervise and instructively direct the activities of all organizational and support units of crime police in performing tasks of countering and detecting criminal offenses in the field of economic crime, organized and serious crime, general crime, unauthorized production and trafficking of narcotic drugs;
  • With the support of criminal intelligence analyses, forensic methods and means, special operation activities and searches, to supervise the legality of work of the organizational and support units related to activities of countering and detecting criminal offences, finding and arresting perpetrators and providing the necessary evidence for successful conducting of criminal proceedings;
  • To suggest measures, define deadlines, determine the duties of a public security center in the field of controlling the measures defined; to monitor the realization, suggest sanctions and improvement measures;
  • To monitor, study and analyze the situation, movements and forms of crime and application of forensic methods, criminal intelligence and special operation activities; to direct the activities of other organizational units in the field of crime;
  • To undertake measures for improving organization, performing tasks and improving the efficiency in countering and detecting crime;
  • To prepare bylaws regulating the activities for countering crime;
  • To prepare programs for professional training and specialization and analytical and information materials in their competence
  • To realize the necessary cooperation with other authority bodies
  • To announce and publish arrest warrants and publications; to issue the Register and arrest warrant Gazette;
  • To perform activities in accordance with the relevant information acquired by intelligence and security service when it is in the competence of the Administration; to conduct other operations in the competence of the Administration.

Organizational chart