The Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior


Deregistration from the service

A citizen may perform deregistration from the service in order to stop receiving information by sending SMS message with the appropriate content to the single phone number number +387 91 110 122:

a. Deregistration from certain service – by sending an SMS: "odjavi [name of the service]" (e.g. "odjavi dokument", "odjavi registrcija", "odjavi bodovi"
b. Deregistration from all services at the same time – by sending an SMS with the following content: "odjavi sve".

Note: When sending a message, the message text is not limited regarding the use of lower-case or upper-case letters. What is important is that text of the message is written according to one of the formats described above.
NOTE: Precondition for using SMS service of the Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior is that a citizen registers their phone number at the organization unit of the Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior that is competent for issuing documents in the area where the citizen has temporary or permanent place of residence. A citizen may register their phone number when:
- submitting request for issuing a document (identity card, driving licence, passport),
- vehicle registration, or
- afterwards.
The cost of SMS service is BAM 0.10 per each message a citizen sends.
The SMS service may be used by all citizens of the Republic of Srpska, regardless of whether they are subscribers to mobile telephony of Mtel, Eronet or BH Telecom.